“Space” being interdisciplinary and most challenging field of science and engineering provides huge opportunities for Start-ups, SMEs and Big Companies. RF/Microwave communication using “Antennas” is the only option to communicate from “Space”. Hence, Antennas and related technologies are heart of Space based satellite applications. In view of this, iAIM 2017 along with IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Affinity Group has planned a dedicated session on “Young Professionals is Space”.Young Professionals/Speakers/Achievers from NASA, ESA, and ISRO will provide insight and opportunities for “Young Professionals in Space”. The objective of this session is to enthuse research interest, provide networking opportunities and first hand experience towards ever fascinating field of “Space”.   This session will be open for all IEEE Bangalore Young Professionals along with iAIM Participants.

To foster increased involvement of IEEE Young Professionals of Bangalore/India in educational outreach, entrepreneurship  and membership development, by bringing together internationally accomplished researchers, entrepreneurs and other program leaders from NASA,ESA, ISRO and DRDO as panel members and speakers and local technology and research leaders and young professionals to the “Young Professionals in Space”. “Young Professionals in Space” will provide a forum to researchers, engineers and industry experts to discuss recent research breakthroughs, technical advancements, existing opportunities and new findings in Space and Satellite based Applications. Session will be technically and financially sponsored by IEEE Bangalore Section and Young Professional Bangalore AG. Adhering to MGA goal, the event focuses on promoting/increasing IEEE YP involvement, membership in Bangalore/India and technical exchange of knowledge with experts from all the parts of world. The expected footfall for “Young Professionals in Space” is all parts of India (Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata, Madras, Delhi, Pune and UP), Bangladesh, Srilanka, and other countries of Indian Ocean region. The event has planned a Young Professionals meetup along with the panel. The meetup is targeted for participation of 150-200 YP’s in and around Bangalore. The event will be open for local affinity group , conference attendees and dignitaries participating from Indian Space Research Organization, European Space Agency, NASA, Japan Space agency etc.