Workshop on Advancing Technology for Humanity

Workshop on Advancing Technology for Humanity (25/11/2017, 9.00AM-10.30AM)

9.00-9.10: Opening Remarks: Ajay Poddar, IEEE APS-SIGHT

9.10-9.20: IEEE Humanitarian and Philanthropic Opportunities: Timothy Lee, IEEE SIGHT

9.20-9.40: Improved Temporarily Resolved observations of Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tropical Storms using Millimeter wave Radiometers from Constellation of SmallSat: Prof. Steve Reising, CSU

9.40-10.00: Electronics Skin from Robonauts to Astronauts: Prof. Ravinder Dahia, Univ. of Glasgow

10.00-10.10: Internet Connectivity from Space: Dr. Neha Satak, Astrome

10.10-10.20: Smart Village: Dr. Ashok Das, Sunmoksha

10.20-10.30: Q&A